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News and features about Hawthorn & Rose, producer of luxury handmade skincare.


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Meet Elaine - the owner, designer & maker

Elaine Kennedy


Based on the shores of Lough Carra at the foot of the Partry Mountains, my family heritage has been rooted in this area for many generations. We have a great family tradition of crafting, from dressmaking and knitting to jam making and baking. And of course, farming is at the heart of our way of life.

Farming in an area known for its diverse flora and fauna, our family has always had a deep connection to nature and my father has passed on a sense of duty to preserve the precious landscape around us. From an early age I helped on our farm and one of my first memories is of being perched on my father’s shoulders as he worked. My love of crafting has been strongly influenced by my mother, who passed on the skills and passion from my grandmother.

After living in London for a number of years, I made the decision to return to rural Ireland and develop a craft business from my family farm. Taking inspiration from the rich natural heritage all around me, I created Hawthorn & Rose. Our philosophy here at Hawthorn & Rose is to create nourishing, ethically sourced products using all natural ingredients.